Alto Parana: Kingdom of Subtle Fishing

Golds and one very rich in waters of Rzepecky, all fly. Almost always to seen fish, each pique is a show of delicacies and emotions. Note with video.

Patagonia and Alto Paraná. Alto Parana and Patagonia. The two Argentine regions as more fly Fisher I move and that season to season I reveal themselves as opposing complementary.

Why does complementary opposites? Because while the landscapes and species are diametrically opposed, the emotions that we seized and the essence of sports is the same. A great golden perfectly equals a trophy trout of a legendary mouth, just like an agile pira pita to a rainbow by one dry, or a pacu that brown trout mañosa owner of the pool.

As usual, in currents were greeted by Luis Rzepecky de La Regina Lodge, a host of luxury, always attentive to the needs of a complex note. And just arrived we were lucky to meet his cousin Miguel, who in a hollow in the rice harvest, led us to know its most prized caves.

Already input, looking for pacu in the system of small streams that make up the open stream, it suggested to change my plastic ball by a float. When I first saw that kind of olive turned into rubber EVA, I must admit that I recelé enough. But after three meanders of the River, and so that no doubts remain I, a copy of 5 kg took it in a completely visual pique, that left me a line between fingers burnt sovereign in its long run. With Reed 5, low water and many free court to fight it, was certainly one of the fish of the trip. If the plastic imitations of fruits of César Palma revolutionized the pacu fly fishing, new paradigms emerge with this innovative deception of float.

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