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Amazon Expedition Without Borders – Pineapples, Sucunduri Circuit And Wood

Daring pure Fishing without borders, Amazon Expedition without borders, with more than 130 fishermen, on 03 yachts and Boats 03 hotels, was a total success. Euphoria PSF team, formed by Mario Ramos, Daniel Mendes, Paulo Carvalho and coordinated by John Carlos-Jau fisherman and even had the presence of Fishing TV program director without borders-Vladimir Vasconcelos.

The arrival of the fishermen at the airport of Manaus has demonstrated the relaxing atmosphere that characterizes the fishery. It was an uproar which gave work to the guides, to arrange the transfer to the port of embarkation in yachts and boats.

On departure the fishermen were met with lively barbecue, cold beers and lively music. The interaction with the team of fishing guides, commanders and other members of the crew, took place in a natural and relaxed.

In the evening, all the boats sailed into the Madeira River. Fishermen settled, adjusted, luggage and double stuff ready and properly identified fishing. Now it was just contemplation.

Already on the first day of fishing the euphoria took care of groups, there were six in all. The fishing was sick and the pirararas gave us show hooks. The Peacock bass were constant presences.

On the third day, in the River, fish party Pineapples was completed when an Arapaima was taken from the water. And each group encouraged the others, when they were on the river or cross the boats.

Three cameramen worked on the recording of images for Fishing without borders Program and the program director-Vladimir Valdez had a lot of work in those days,

By nightfall, BBQs, luaus, parties took place in Hawaii and other themes were going on and keeping the high spirits in the boats. Some were playing truco, caused the other, several challenges were launched.

In this climate of interaction, arrived on the last day of fishing. Everyone happy with their results, all recorded in pictures and images.

Fishing without borders team after landing led them to meet in Manaus city tour that visited Indian village, arena da Amazonia, diving with the dolphins-pink. Now is wait for the editing of the program and watch the best moments.