Bait Test: Trout Squad By Quantum

Pike bait there now like sand on the sea. You must search for really good baits, however, already slightly longer. The team of Our site took the new “trout squad” of quantum examine. Read the results here!

Bait Test Trout Squad By Quantum

A True Seducer

Swimbait lip, the trout squad which is a hot newcomer in the Yuwaku series of quantum. The multiple Division of the bait creates a particularly seductive run.

This multi-part Swimbait lip, which is first and foremost for pike fishing and is available in two different sizes and six different colors. When developing the new trout squad series, much emphasis was placed on a realistic look.

Bait Test Trout Squad By Quantum 2
The many individual segments Swimbait lip, the trout squad which give a natural and enticing run.Through its fast-sinking behavior he suited to search different water layers – even fish close to the ground are quickly identified.

This Swimbait lip, which unfolds its full potential of curls at the one cranking. Through the sharing of the bait into several segments, the bait Gets a natural swimming behavior. In the water, it differs very little from a real fish!


  • Two different sizes (12 and 17 cm)
  • Sinking
  • Six different colors
  • Two spare cocks included
  • Eight segments for more mobility
  • Robust snap rings
  • Ultra sharp hooks in the color “Black Nickel”

Bait Test Trout Squad By Quantum 3


Pike cronies are going to love these baits! The quality finish and the realistic behavior of the barrel curl even cautious fish easily from the reserve.
The bait is available in six fishing colours-from “natural” to “aggressive” there is something for every situation and every water. The triplets in the trend colour black nickel are ultra sharp and sure hook each fish.