Berisso Never Ceases to Amaze

The Río de la Plata lives a season that excites everyone, many bream and gold of very good size. Image gallery.

Many Bogue in downpipe and large with artificial growing gold”, was the first thing the Matías Pavoni guide told me when I informed me to see how it was pique. My response was immediate: “Golden growing?”. “Veni quiet that in the embankments there are fish to make sweet”, insisted me the Guide. The conversation just to not waver a moment in the election of our next destination.

Without a doubt, we are talking about two more combative species offering our Río de la Plata, and in this old and recognized fishing are able to capture them in the same place, only changing teams.

Several years ago, in the embankments of Berisso, it was common to get lots of very good porte bogas only placing white worm on a rig in the background. The massive presence of the species was attributed to the large amount of food that was as, for example, the famous “mejilloncitos Asian” covering thousands stones and sticks of the place. With the passing of the seasons this fishery was declining, reaching nearly disappear without a coherent explanation of the reasons. But almost simultaneously, the same fishing was invaded by the gold, that part of the reason for the absence of the Bogue was attributed to them.

Today a trip to Berisso involves bringing two distinct teams: one for bottom fishing in Bogue bait and for golds with artificial, attempts which can be both bait casting and spinning.

Boga fishing we must have a shank of action of tip, something powerful, long no more 2,50 m. It is complemented by a medium reel loaded with nylon 0.35 mm or multifilament 30 pounds (13.6 kilograms). The thread is not very convenient because it cuts to the less friction in the stone. Equipment is completed by a simple rig, armed at the end with a lead pencil type of about 60 to 80 g and two short snoods to about 40 cm of lead with hooks of the type Maruseigo N ° 12 or 14, baited with two or three kernels of corn, and a dough ball or pulpit of white worms. We recommend taking several lines, sinkers and spare hooks, because usually items are lost due to the obstacles presented by the fishing vessel.

The strength of the Golden

When it touches us to try with the “Tiger of the river”, we must spare no power on the computer, because the size of the fish always we must add the weight and pressure that produces the current against.

If we go with bait casting, rods between 1.60 and 2,10 m are more than sufficient, with tip action and a power not less than 20 pounds (9 kilograms), that may also come to be identified as “medium heavy”. And low profile reels or medium or large eggs charged with multifilament which is not less than the 40/50 pounds (18/22 kilos), to which we can add a couple of metres of nylon fluocarbon (is hard and does not stretch), or well tie double multifilament in the last 2 meters, for greater resistance to pique and friction on stones or sticks.

To fish with a spinning, rods can be measured as well as the bait, we only change the rotating reel by a front. They can also be loaded with nylon, but having greater stretch often costs pull against the violence of the Golden.

With respect to the lures, no leave none at home. At certain times work the subsurface, other times the average water and on many occasions the Fund’s. Worth a special mention for when taking afloat: an unforgettable party of piques, dorados attacking vehemently poppers or strollers we throw away between the sticks.

If we go to the colors that have increased frequency of piques, nor is there something defined, although we can give a couple of options that do not fail: Blacks with any other tone that cut, and the Greens.

Heading to the piers

Went through in a short time the motorway linking Buenos Aires with La Plata city and soon arrived at the House of Matthias, who I was with Fanny and Sebastian. We arranged everything in the boat. I asked the guide if you had uploaded the bait for the Bogue. He said that Louis, his father, was fishing with a group from the fishing rod of Luján and had to give us what they needed.

We walked a few minutes through the interior of the small delta which owns the place, handle the obligatory role of output in Prefecture and soon we were in the place of fishing. At that time the River was in downpipe, but just decided to make a few tiritos the lure to see if they chipped away at the Golden. Great was the surprise when, in the third release, Sebastian was the response of a fine specimen of about 3 kilos. And so were several piques, signal that the day was going to be magical.

When fishing with artificial there is a large percentage of failed piques, consequence of a nailed-down inefficient, pre-empt the riveted or expertise of the fish to avoid deception. In this type of fishing and in this fishery, where meet many obstacles when it comes to throwing our artificial, the function of the guide is essential to accommodate the boat and to make fishing our lures in the places indicated, without spend all day dealing with the hooks.

The Guide keeps permanently the boat underway, because fishing is always in favour of current against the piers. In this way we will achieve the perfect action of our lures. This form of fishing is that we made main emphasis on the power of the equipment, because the weight of the fish multiply bring it upstream.

Go fight

The catches made during the downpipe were several, including Fanny, our Fisher star, with a specimen that has nothing to envy to the dorados of alto Paraná. And several other good Golden were lost because it was impossible to try to pass them on the other side of the sticks.

This warning had already overtaken Matías, by suggesting us to try to fight the fish in open River or canal, and then, once tired, try to move it to release it (remove the lure with caution: take it with a pair of pliers and a bogagrip long tip remove carefully the triple).

While our group remained with the gilded, looked carefully into the other boat: it was tied to a pole fishing bream and not moving from the place. Obviously, we had that they were making a good catch.

To attempts with Bogue, guide must come slowly to a stick, pair it with a Cape and drop about 10 meters to pull an anchor by Stern and the vessel leave subject between the two headlands.

The line must throw it stuck to the stick. And once you do background, be in permanent contact with the store: just you chop the vogue have to nail and try to not get tangled or is our line between stones.

Approaching very slowly the boat of Luis, we realized the amount of rivalries that had. We only limit to accommodate us and test near them to expect the growing and return to the fray with the gold.

The River began to collect force northward, signal that the Crescent was firm. And there our captain was expanded: “now to prepare for the best!”. And he was not sincerely wrong. The shafts of Golden were constant and ports were 2 up to the 7 kilos, that was the most we could get. Chipped away at the big “to the fall”: had to go the piers 5 meters and to the third manijazo attacked violently the lures offered. Obviously, some could come up to the boat and many others achieved their freedom voluntarily.

Joy overflowing on the boat. I was wondering what more can ask for when you’re looking for fishing the two species most combative of the Río de la Plata. More than 100 shafts of Golden with artificial and countless catches of bream in the background. Within days we repeat the output with similar results, to certify that today Berisso has become one of the capitals of sport fishing.