Breaking News: Transfer-Sensation! Big L Goes to Our Site!

Berlin. Shortly before the season opener of the salmonid fishing, an absolute sensation transfer succeeded the sporty direction of Our site. Mega talent José Luis Mendez Acosta, by his admirers called mostly big L, Our site joins the Berlin success team with immediate effect. The amount of the fee, there was no information from both sides. The Dortmund with Spanish-Mexican roots is immediately eligible to play and may debut thus theoretically already on the first day of the new Raubfischsaison for the capitals. The high quality studded squad of light blue white gets added

with Mendez Acosta, so a further high and can occur so that in the future still variable. The tasks that will take big L for his new team, can already imagine. Because of his vast expertise in the area of pike-perch fishing is to assume that this will be one of the fields, he will plow that in future for H & B.

“A life dream for me come true. Already as a young boy, I slept in leak me the harsh – bedding and now I’m going on before 30,000 followers as well as international stars such as Andriani for them! I’m still totally overwhelmed. “, stated 25 years today at short notice a called press conference the beaming with joy. The captain of Our site, Daniel Andriani, promptly returned the praise: “I am very on Luis. I’ve fished with him a few times already and he is an incredibly talented and decent boy really. I have rarely seen anglers, who were already so far in this age, as it is.” In a solute atmosphere, the Manager of the team betrayed Toni Wehn even a few interesting details about the formation of the sensational transfer: “we watch big L for several years and have a secret never made that we would like to oblige him. Last spring we were already in agreement with the fishing, but a faulty fax machine in Dortmund prevented annoyingly the last-minute transfer. We have still never lost it out of sight and when there suddenly was the opportunity to pick him up, we have hesitated a tenth of a second. If he stays healthy, he is an reinforcement for any team in the world.”

Okay people, enough spun. We really really glad that Luis will enrich our team in the future. As a reader of the blog which means for you specifically for the first time, that we will have even more interesting and funny stories from the water, expert tips and product recommendations with more manpower for you. So fishing channel will be presented such as from now any new video of the big L – for you on Our site. Because the personal Exchange with our community is still extremely important to us, Luis will be as often as possible while coming LMAB events. There are already many different projects in planning, but reveal we can today still nothing. Check out easy busy Our site, then always know what’s going on.