Carp And Silverside In San Miguel De El Monte

The lagoon has currently good water flow and a bank with many optimal sectors to try to coast fishing. Image gallery.

The laguna of San Miguel del Monte is an excellent choice to schedule a fishing trip for the weekend. Not only because at this moment it is very well populated by carp and silverside, but also because the mirror is surrounded by a beautiful environment, with varied gastronomy and hospitality services.

The lagoon has currently good water flow and a bank with many optimal sectors to try to coast fishing.

With Jorge Lisi, great connoisseur of the zone, we agreed to perform first lances with the silverside and then, when the temperature increase, would go in search of the tents.

We arrived at Mount a Saturday well early. Waiting for us Andrés Britez, responsible fishing the Christ, and Frederick, son of George, who would be our very effective guide.

We started sailing towards the Centre of the lagoon. The soft wind advised us fishing adrift. It happens that there are many “dientudos” and if we tested anchor become very annoying.

Fishing adrift is leaving the anchor hanging, resting on the bottom. That way, by the wind the boat moves slowly. If it took more of the desired speed, you can regulate it is lengthening the rope from the anchor (or vice versa) if it were too slow.

As we had the back Sun, use buoys pacifier fluo allowing us to see them clearly. Lines put together them with three buoys and without pointer, with a separation of 1.10 m between each of them. And the hooks located at a depth of 30-40 cm, giving most of the rivalries between 35 and 40 cm. Used rods were telescopic 4 m graphite, very light and with good tip action. The reel: small and loaded with multifilament 0.16 mm in diameter which greatly facilitates the riveted to the float.

Fishing at hell should be always the pick-up of the open reel so that the line be mobilised without pulling. And only close when the silverside begins rolling the buoy, time to make the Dunk.