Dam Palms: Good Puntano Silverside

We caught the picturesque reservoir in the heart of the province, known for its attractions above 400 grams.

The town of San Francisco de el Monte de Oro is located in the sierra de San Luis, surrounded by a vegetation that traps at each step. Part of the Valley of Chutunzo, also known as ‘the cradle of the masters’, since that historic place is the first school where he taught the President Domingo F. Sarmiento.

Some quiet rivers run through the Valley, but stands out in particular the dam, Las Palmeras, where tourists can, besides fishing, water sports such as kayaking, windsurfing and diving, among many others. To us, he summoned us fishing for Silversides, lured by testimonials from the puntanos speaking of copies of very good size.

Along neat routes departing from San Luis capital, we reach San Francisco de el Monte de Oro after 96 km on route 146. There we are with Marcelo Salado, owner of the resort La Candela, and pigeon Jofré, prominent fisherman in the Cuyo province.

During the trip commented me the silverside quality that they captured in the
Palm trees, none below 400 grams. Although the resentments not abounded as in areas with specimens of smaller size, the quality of catches made up.

The regulation of the province establishes that you can fish out of the Sun until sunset, and the maximum amount of mackerel by amateur is seven. Fishing from shore is only permitted.

Las Palmeras
The reservoir is named that is surrounded by Palms caranday, that contrast with saws Fund generate a landscape like no other. In this body of water, there are several places where to try fishing, as the wall of the dam and various sectors of the Bank. In addition, there is a weir which is difficult to access, but it is worth.