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Fly fishing for beginners – short holidays in Saxony-come FLY with US

Angel dear,

As many of you may have noticed, we are totally infected by a special method of fishing – fly fishing. We know that many predatory fish anglers not really ran trust on the issue, but now we can say from personal experience that there is absolutely no reason for this: for beginners is very much easier to learn fly fishing, as most believe that the fishing opportunities in the right waters are really incredibly good and that a drill on the fly rod quite the beginning of a great passion can be , we were able to experience in a very short time! As could see her in our videos “Fly fishing in Brandenburg”, “Fly fishing on trout” and “Fly fishing in Switzerland”, there are no years of casting experience, to get a fish on the fly, even though we had to do it not just with simple waters especially in Switzerland and in Brandenburg.

Provide a simplest possible introduction into the topic to be able, we organized a 3-day tour “Fly fishing for beginners” (2-4. September 2016) to Saxony at the Chemnitz. Together with flying fish icon Ingolf Augustin, some of you probably know of Angel measuring, we are exploiting a waters, that because of its width, structure and fish offers just for beginners but also for advanced great opportunities for fly fishing. Through the extensive history of the river also clumsy attempts be forgiven and the quantity and average size of here local trout, barbel and Chub delight even experienced fly fisherman.

The offer:

  •  3 full days fishing (Friday, 2.9. at 10: 00 until Sunday 4.9. at 17 h, incl. dry runs for beginners on Friday morning)
  •  2 nights in a double room including breakfast (Bed & Breakfast “to the three lime trees”)
  •  Fishing licenses for three days.
  •  high-quality loaner of brand SCIERRA
  •  Guiding and caring for the flying fish experts Florian Penno, Daniel and Toni
  •  Starter set with dry flies, nymphs and leaders to the value of £ 20

The price for the entire package is unbeatable €199 per person without arrival from Berlin and without accommodation.

Who would like to find a pension but even arrive, can select the variant for €249.

Including arrival from Berlin, the total package is €279 per person.

The tickets you can do in our shop under the category “fishing trips and tours” purchase.

Who we also only a spark have aroused interest, should quickly see whether he has time and money to spend, because to get to these fantastic conditions as a beginner to a such waters typically. The group will be charged a maximum of 15 persons, the seats are so limited!

We were really looking forward, if we could inspire some of you by this great fishing! Come FLY with US!