Harsh Madness Am Drewitzer See

A month ago, my wife and I have decided to spend our first wedding anniversary on December 6 am Drewitzer see. Of course we wanted to (I) between romance and relaxation, catch a few fish so we have booked the weekend and us huge happy on the journey. A few days before we were going to go, was predicting that the hurricane vigorously sweeps Xaver on 6/7/8 Dec on Mecklenburg Vorpommern with winds of 120 km / h. After a short deliberation what we should do, we have (I) us decisively despite storm there to go.


Friday late afternoon we arrived and I must say, the wind blew really quite strong. I got the water that has never been seen, white foam at the surface and large waves – it was clear that it would be nothing to do with the boat that day. Rau rowing was unthinkable. So I thought, I dressed warmly and make a few throws from the jetty. Am Drewitzer see expect always with a Pike, so I took advantage of braided line with 60cm hard Mono, 16 kilos load capacity at the end. Because I wanted to carry anything in the wind, I took only a Fox rage Snax and a “favorite bait” (recommended for Fischermans friend).

Because of the wind I have been using a 21 g Jig head and at the very first throw was the first bite. It was a really powerful attack and drill after a relatively short I’ve seen a huge Pike on the surface. How he was there so fast, he was gone again. Jumped from the water, head shaking and out was the bait. Fortunately I had won’t mourn the loss Pike increased from, because a bite came back directly on the next roll.

This time I have more carefully drilled much, and shortly afterwards I could be happy about a super beautiful 40s perch. For sample collection and a few photos, I have reset it and immediately moved on before it would be completely dark. After the next roll and an other nice bass, jasmine wanted to have a few litters. So Jasmin could catch their PB perch before nightfall: 35cm – a super feeling. This has made us very optimistic for the next two days despite bad weather.

On Saturday the wind has subsided some, still windy but just once so that we could take a boat out. After a leisurely breakfast and a little relaxation in the wellness area, we have made us to try a few of our favorite fishing spots on the way. It was very sunny and the first two hours we got no bite. Although the water was pretty cold, we have decided to try it in our favorite Bay. Actually, I was expecting much because the water depth is there at 4 m (you can see the ground already). Sometimes we comes it but but completely different than expected and within an hour were 13 fish catch, all between 32 and 44cm – I personally started in such a short time have never seen so many big perch (was really hot)… After such an exciting tour we decided to go back into the warm and continue as a panoramic of the delicious restaurant to enjoy the Drewitzer see

On Sunday (again after an extensive breakfast), we wanted to try a few litters of the pier again before our departure. Again, it was worth making the few litters! Jasmin has begun a new PB perch (37cm), and I could start again in the one or the other great bass

Normally we start properly many Pike at Drewitzer see, which was characteristic of this trip, that although we are not a have started Hecht (one lost), it was an incredible fishing experience. Drewitzer Lake offers consistently great surprises, that’s why I am very glad that the next trip is already planned of course we have released all our fish again – who knows, maybe they have grown a few cm more up next time.