Headbanger Tail-Brand New Hybrid Lures From Sweden

The Headbanger tail-who regularly watch our videos or much with new tackle set itself apart has heard of him already. After we caught some fish with this special Pike bait, we want to tell you now who is actually behind the Headbanger tail and what makes this hybrid lure so special.

Headbanger lures-made in Sweden

Dan Lestander is a Swedish sculptor who loves water and everything that has to do so since time immemorial. The son of the biathlon Goldmedaillengewinners Klas Lestander grew up in northern Sweden in Arjeplog, where there are many great waters. Like almost all the small boys there, also Dan interested very early for fishing, which he operates with utmost passion.

As a large fishing fool and artist, he sat down in the head about five years ago to design, which looks quite particularly unpredictable and surprising a bait and made to work. Over four years he built over 50 different prototypes by hand using his skills as a sculptor. Meanwhile he and his fishing friends tested the resulting models stes intensively through their paces.

The result of his years of work surprised even him. He was believe to have found a revolutionary design with which he could represent a previously non-existent running performance for several types of bait. He patented the design and founded the company of Headbanger lures 2015 in Luleå in northern Sweden with his pal Martin Edwards marks. Its first product, the Headbanger tail, is available from 2016 on the market and among us in the online shop in all variants.

What makes the Headbanger tail?

As already mentioned, we have to do it, which already offers an unpredictable course behavior without the help of the anglers with a bait. The shovel-shaped head that empfindlichst reacts to water currents lays the Foundation for this. The moving loop connections, he imparts every pulse directly at the following links (hull and twist er tail). There is as is the case with the single Lyres of other bait, so no repetitive movement, but an individual lane on each roll. This is the case in a wide speed range. The Headbanger tail in this way can be moved almost 0 to 2.5 knots. An accurate picture of the swimming behavior can make you to you here:

What materials were used?

Head and body of the hybrid lure are made of ABS plastic, the twist er tail is made from PVC. The used weights, as well as the rattle balls are made of stainless steel. Here is been consciously ecological reasons lead. Every Headbanger tail is equipped with two VMC Perma Steel hooks.

What options can you select as anglers?

There are three different models, which do not differ visually, but behave differently in diving:

1.floating (floating, depth 0-2, 5m), can be fished as a surface bait (Popper)

2.suspending (floating, depth 1-3 m)

3.sinking (declining, depth 1.5-5m)

There are all three variants of the Headbanger tail in four colors:

1.rusty perch (brown-gold, quite natural décor, rather good visibility)

2.Firetiger (yellow-green, Schockfarbe, cloudy water or low-light)

3.Bluesilver (blue, herring colors, very interesting for the Bodden waters)

4.Blackred (red black, more suitable for clear waters)

We convinced the Headbanger tail in all other respects. We find the idea and the development class, but mostly of the opinion that we have to do it here with a really fishing-Pike lure. Not for nothing, you can find all models and colors with us in the shop.

We are definitely more than looking forward to the next models of Headbanger lures, because Dan has still a few more great forms in planning, as we are sure!

We wish all those who try it with a Headbanger tail, of course always maximum success and also all other Petri Geil!