Its Fisheries And Cholila

Start of season in the Cholila Lake, more of one floated by the Carrileufú River. Trout that retain their wild state. Techniques and more yielding flies. Note with video.

Clarity, light, transparency, since always associated with purity, found reason to be in one of the most pristine and naturally harmonics of our Patagonia andina. We refer to the Cholila Lake, mirror head of extensive Rosary Lakes and rivers that interconnected they converge in the great Futaleufú and end up in the Pacific Ocean, crossing the Andes mountain range. It’s a mirror of glacial origin, powered by the Tigre River as a main tributary and waters extremely clean. Home to a few species worthy of being faced with a team of fishing: trout Rainbow, stream or Brook trout, perch and the most relevant of which is the
Atlantic salmon (salmo salar). Perhaps the last corner of the planet where the species is found in pure and wild. His indomitable character adapted to environment and with a wild genetics since its introduction more than a hundred years ago, no restocking or farming, remained unchanged.

End Of Waiting
A new start of the trout and the invitation by the General Directorate of inland fisheries of Chubut and the direction of tourism of Cholila attend the ceremony of launch of season in the province, in the strategic Lake Cholila Aerofishing Lodge (S 42° 27′ 52.52”W 71° 36′ 4.26″), constituted an appointment impossible to circumvent.

We focus the first attempts at the mouth of the birth of the Carrileufú River in the Cholila Lake. A few meters from the Lodge and himself in front of the Inn from the pedregoso stream. It’s a comfortable mouth to act, with a large Bank and a channel which lies on the opposite side, allowing cast perpendicular to the current and in favor of the prevailing wind. Admitting to a handful of fishermen without bothering can engage in simultaneous with good chances. Many fish are circulating and even Park in the pools, channels and this mouth low, not implying that fishing them is simple. The transparency of the scope, the elusive fish and their natural suspicion and extreme sensitivity, make that I will boost the challenge.

Start with the right boot on the shores of the Lake in the vicinity of the mouth of the Carrileufu, both in the mouth itself, also wading River slightly downstream and up to passing the Pedregoso stream Confluence, since we could
specify several piques of rainbow trout as well as also acrobatic salmon and even some elusive Brook trout (whose population is in gradual decline). This time wasn’t the first time yielding more entrance overnight.