Kayak Bass Fishing Mexico / Pro Staff Another great Smallmouth Bass kayak

Another great Smallmouth Bass kayak

Hello everyone
Since posting here the review of the Friday… was a departure to fishing “pasadita”, since I had to go to Guadalajara and back pass to fish a couple of hours and return to Morelia…
As so, the objective was to brand the Kistler Micro Magnesium 7’6 “Heavy telescopic with micro guides that he had just received the day before. The idea was to shoot frogs out that was to see if he could catch one, I have only three frogs, a Spro Bronzeye and two Optimum, so in what are ones that you I will ask, as with those… also “brand new” a used carretito which I bought at the flea market to inicviarme in the raneada, a Daiwa Exceler who came up to a 5o lb trenzads line! as ring finger, I just gave him a thorough cleaning, oiled and oiled and I’m almost like new lol.

In short, the ideal conditions for the raneada, cloudy with occasional rain and full of hidrila!

Ready team, Kistler Micro Magnesium 7’6 “Heavy telescopic, Daiwa Exceler, Power Pro 50 lb, Spro Bronzeye!

Total I was thus a ratote and nothing! The worst thing is that you could see the bass in the holes between the hidrila but just did not want the bronzeye… Besides the micro wearing the carrot spinning for finesse, the plan was if not working frogs, hit the finesse awhile to get something. But seeing that there were small bass and fry of other fish (possibly bluegill) both in the holes between the hidrilla at the edge of this, best decided to give a while with something else…
I placed at a point that we locate during the last expedition, now not I brought sonar so I gave him a good combed to the edges of the hidrila to locate the outline well, then I was getting the anchor to detect just where he would have hidrila and I retreated into the dam.
Fortunately as lengthy sets you can do with the Micro (I believe I increased my distance of released at least 30-40%), I could remove more.
He had idea to where was the end of the hidrila, then I concentrated on hence focusing my shots from afar. Changed you the reel by a curing 200E7 that came loaded with PLine 15 lbs. 100% fluorocarbon.

I placed a mound of stones I believe about 6 or 7 m maximum diameter, and as I was little while then decided to better give that a good worsted, was next to a fall to 5 m, and started up the hidrila to 2 m, and was surrounded by mud…
Got you this time a jig black/blue/moradovde 1/2 oz and a trailer beaver tapbaits black with gold points, as it was very cloudy and water revueltona.
I just worked it on the onticulo more like a shaky head, vibrating it and then you let it repopsar a ratote, every shot was like 5 minutes! After I left the mound, he recovered and he repeated the shot.
And one of these, I’m a small tap, but very slight as if were a tilapia, Czech weight and nothing, I still vibrating it, rest it, when I start the siguoente vibration, feel the weight and take it, I give the hookset as if you would like to remove the eyes!
I immediately felt the weight of bass, start it to work and which has given me the biggest fight is not afraid to be wrong! more even than the others but great! Something very curious was how to hit to the Fund and scrubbed on rocks, in fact he opened up to lel the jig hook and nicked him tip! and very good hook are gamakatsu… (on the left is the unfolded, the one on the right is a new one)

The amazing thing is how behaved shank, length definitely helped me to leverage, and doubled as if it were a caa ultralight!the truth fought very strong and I enjoyed every moment of the fight!

This bass is not small mouth…

Excellent animal, a little skinny, 18.5 inches circumference and 25 inches long, but very good weight, 11 pounds and 3 ounces!they are believe 5,100 pounds!

Not is the raneada yield but I was better still!
Thanks to God and to what I have learned in the Forum and the coexistence with great fishing and reading your experiences here, this is already the third golona of double digit sack, and my sixth in total. The truth after the two giant in April did not expect me get another big but fortunately there was luck, hopefully that luck will follow and this year to make another! or if not, learn many new things and live with the friends I’ve made here.
Corduroy, continues with the tapbaits they are luxury and above all work!

Bass released, time out, ready for the next time, let’s go kayaking!