Laguna Chis Chis: Tarariras Of The Soul

Another Buenos Aires lagoon again showing excellent recovery of the species. An option close to the city of Buenos Aires that we tested from shore, to the Wade and kayak fishing. Note with video.

Each made note of tarariras lure in a Buenos Aires Lake has a special taste of glory for this reporter, which-like many thousands of fishermen-waited for long the recovery of this species in the provincial marsh areas. For this reason, although they are not ports of other times and the day chosen for the survey the wind blew annoying 35 km, take a few copies to Chis Chis filled us soul.

Talk about a fishing access entirely by asphalt, stuck to the motorway 2 Km 144, making base in the fishing vessel La Amistad, run by Ramiro Rufrancos, site enabled this year within the framework of the new policy for the promotion of sport fishing that has the town of Lezama. One area that we tested from the shore, to the I Wade and kayak fishing, thanks to the presence of Leonardo Meiriño and Hernán Fernández who supported this experience with their Rocker, allowing us to offer a wide range of fishing opportunities.

Given the wind conditions, the best fishing zone was in a Bay to the right of the central village of the fishing, pointing to the route 2. The area offered a carpet of sequins glued to the shore and clear with some emerging tamarisks in the center of the tongue of water.

The first to shout ‘tarucha’ was Gustavo Miranda, who won a jumping copy with a frog of simple rubber, without any installation. This type of artificial, with double hooks that are curved on the back of the soft lure, is ideal for work areas well
walled vegetation by its anti-snag status. And even though they are not very clavadores, they are highly effective to detect or rule out the presence of tarariras tested sector.