LMAB-Länder-Tour Part IV: “Carrots Special”-Cod Madness on a Baltic Sea Boat

We were as many of you already have noticed, on Sunday, the 22nd March within the leak me most harsh Länder Tour on the Baltic Sea, with carrots by favorite bait on cod fishing. We had the vision to fill a whole Baltic Sea boat with people from the pike & perch community and to organise an unforgettable day for many avid anglers.

A part of our colorful troupe met the Zoo to be in a very comfortable bus (thank you!) on the road again for the great service at our bus driver GERD and the AGT bus rental Fehmarn to make 01:00 at the Berlin train station Sunday night. In the Sunrise, we arrived at the beautiful Baltic Sea Island and felt great anticipation, as we are the “Caroline” in the port Burgstaaken saw at 06:30. The 28 bus passengers joined in the port 19 sympathetic and equally motivated angler and completed the LMAB-team. After everyone had gotten his fishing permit, the wild ride could go. We have made a somewhat unconventional No.-budget video for you as usual at the honeymoon tour. Have fun watching!

Thank you to Michael Eggers, Oli R., Jens favorite bait, crazy Dodo and his Angel, Dennis Junker, Joshi Angeljoe, David, Andy (the legend), Hassan, Chris, Toschi and Matze from chaos fishing, Marcel Wiebeck, Alex, Victor von “I go fishing”, Tobi, Daniel p., Michael G., Sven, David S. H., Luis (big L-fishing channel) and his nice camera people Jana and Scott, Liane, Mike, Marc , Thilo, olly, Matze S., Daniel Fischermans friend, Jeanette, Dörte, Norman (fishing guide Tramnitz), Harald (Mr. President), Marcell, Steven, Nils, Jan (Zwolly), Giannis, Chris (Oderspreeangler), Philipp, Alan and Murat! Were great!