Maruri Toff Monofilament Line Power XT

Hello friends fishermen! After a while without posts (since I changed my city study) we’re back in business, we are here with a review post on lines, and this time, it will be a line of maruri, TOFF POWER XT

This is your box

That we will examine here has a diameter of 0.37 mm. and has 32 lbs of resistance (will?) we’ll do tests to find out.

Are 300 metres of line per box

In your box is a very important piece of information, which is of extreme resistance on the node, that is important, especially in quality lines, since we can tie our fishing nodes properly, and the line supports the drift of fish without giving in on that node.

Manufacturer: Maruri

Produced in Japan

Some care with this line:

Don’t let the line used in the ground or in the water

You can drop in any appropriate garbage and let your fishing spot in the same way you found it.

Do not expose the line to direct sunlight for a long period of time.

This is the back of the box

“If you are looking for the best monofilament line, power XT is your only choice. The Power line XT is designed to have the best qualities that a fishing line can have: resistance to abrasion, low memory, UV resistance, and extreme resistance in the node. The unique colouring process leaves the moss green with special ability line cover in water. No matter where, no matter what you’re fishing, line power is your only XT Toff choice ”

Here we have a Groove in the box where we can see the moss-green color of the line, which is consistent with what the manufacturer says on the box


This is the reel

Well off to avoid memory on line.

Locks that don’t leave the line spool

When I used that line in the water really she is pretty decent, but not enough to be “invisible”

When you’re in the box she really doesn’t have any memory,

but after some time on reel, she begins to create memory as any monofilament line

Here did the resistance of node in line, tied the hook, and I saw how much the line stand weight

With the hook, and a knot well done, she endured 9.7 kg of traction, already without us, your maximum strength was 12, 6 kg, almost 2 kg below what the manufacturer tells you, but still it’s a great weight

Thank you all, thank you for your patience, soon we will make a good catch of Peacock bass here in Bangalore, to show you the variety of fish and fisheries do, soon!