MEGA-Event on The Kolpinsee: KISS The Harsh Spring Break Tour by 2015! Get Your Tickets Now!

After we have had really great fun on the boat during the honeymoon tour in March and since then every day have been asked after the next tour, we were of course under certain pressure as soon as possible to present a next where can everyone forget all the stress of everyday life and let real feelings of class ride event.

Spring is here, what is better than an ultimate SPRING BREAK pike fishing trip on the paradisiacal Kölpinsee in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania? While the well-known spring break parties in Florida frequently are college girls in bikini in the center of the action, is the focus of our tour on very different women: fat Pike mums waiting eagerly to be asked by us to the dance!

Thus the dance floor right beautiful fully is, four absolute full professionals here who know the Kölpinsee like the back of their hand and us Norman and Peter Tramnitz, René Berndt and Dörte Adamschak we have with the local fishing cronies with all their experience and expertise guarantees will lead to the fish.

Norman, who is on the road daily in over 20 square kilometre Lake as a guide had also equal to a hot tip for the perfect tackle this water: he told us on the boat, that he is most successful with the rubber stints of favorite bait just on the Kölpinsee. Because we’re close friends with Jens favorite bait, nothing in the way was a renewed cooperation, of course! Jens will provide an extremely catch-mix for each depending on the weather and current water turbidity, as we are sure. Some prominent faces from the fishing scene will again ride besides the nobility from Dessau. Victor, who is to cope with the waves of the Kölpinsees of likely is back and has packed this time also his congenial partner of “I go fishing” Konni. Big L, which officially belongs to Pike & perch since last Sunday, is also back to his camera team from the fishing channel! Who see themselves yet so everything can look…

As in March, a part of the troupe in the Klassenfahrts style from Berlin is promoted together (departure on May 30th at 6:30 at the BHF Zoo) in a comfortable coach. Who comes not from Berlin and surroundings, can of course independently arrive and take the cheaper ticket without directions. The starting point is the Müritz Marina campsite Cameroon at the Binnenmüritz. There, several small driver’s license-free motor boats and some Sau Geile fin with canopy, grills and ample meals in addition to the guides with their boats wait for us. About nine o’clock we make on us then in mega convoy in the direction of Kölpinsee, we will have reached after about 20 minutes. Then it means fire freely! We fish, talk, Grill, filming and drill all day in changing boot cast, so that everyone comes fully at its own expense. Thanks to this concept, there will be even more opportunities than on a boat to meet top guides and Angel stars and together to have a good time on the water. Towards the end of the day (at 18: 00) we can conclude relaxed the day either on the fins or on the barbecue area of the campsite.  The bus back is scheduled for 8: 00, so that we will be back at 22:30 in Berlin.

  • Hier for you again the hard facts of this mega-event:

OKomfortable bus trip (departing in Berlin, 6:30, scheduled arrival in Berlin at 22:30)

OAngeln under the guidance of excellent guides on one of the best Pike waters in Germany, grilling (including meat, beer, potato salad, soft drinks and ingredients and equipment for the preparation of the fish) dancing and laughing in the best company from 9 till 20 o’clock.

Oone Pike & perch – favorite bait – surprise package (worth approx. €40) with the latest fishing fashion, extreme fishing-gums and a few little surprises.

OPreise per ticket:

  • 99 € without bus ride (meeting point 9: 00 campsite Cameroon, close to goods), tickets can be purchased here
  • 129 € with arrival from Berlin, tickets can be purchased here

Who has a fishing card for the Kölpinsee, can be purchased here online one. Otherwise, you need a spinning rod, a role, wire leaders, fishing and a lot of good mood! Let too much time with the tickets, the last time were gone very quickly! Who has bought a ticket, please write an E-mail to toni@Our site and specify the desired size (S-XXL)!