MelincuE: Again in Action

This mirror key in Santa Fe South has regained its population of silverside. Catch them adrift and wading. Note with video.

Two years ago, when this reporter debuted in this magazine with a note about Melincué, described the mirror as a field in slow recovery, with a very high percentage of iodine that was damaging the eyes of fish, and spoke of a pond without fish or fishing opportunity onboard, where the I wading or fishing break were the only possible options. Why grata was my surprise to return to this area of Santa Fe South and meet a fishing community with services running, a comfortable down boats, sale of bait and – above all – many fans visiting the mirror to make catches of onboard.

This new scenario that puts Melincue in equal footing with other areas of Buenos Aires, allows a rediscovering of the lagoon, gareteando it as God intended if there is any wind or looking for treasures in the Netherlands where they send the flamingos. Its more than 10,000 acres allow multiple fishing options. And during our trip from the city of Buenos Aires (350 km route 8 and then 93 and 90) up to the mirror we promised to try different variants, without forgetting the fishing to the Wade with which we made our debut.

We ship in two boats from the municipal fishing, guided by Diego Soler, who works the lagoon from Friday to Sunday (only allowed to fish onboard days), and his companion Carlos Goniel, one of the managers of the boat down. Also the Guide Miguel Gonella, adding a third ship gave us a hand. Together with Roberto Gil and Ricardo Paulucci we deal teams and set off towards the center of the mirror, area chosen by other amateurs whose boats were tachonando the beautiful geography of mirror, framed by a pink cordon of flocks of flamingoes that make winter in this protected wetland.

A soft breeze invited a slow hell, and we set up traditional equipment of rods of 4 meters, lines of three buoys without pointer, snoods of no more than 30 cm and number 1 hooks baited with one or two mojarras. As for the format of buoys, we agree on comets or small chupetonas. The sprints were soon: average 30 cm, great vigor pejes, marked openly carried and presented brava fight to be pinched. The depth of the mirror in this area of activity was 4 meters.

Late to pure I Wade
Unlike our previous the mirror image, which left very few but larger, this time we see that the lagoon exhibits a large presence of medium pejes, among which are some superb passing per kilo of weight. This
It makes us very happy because talks about recovery of the area, whose dynamics is understood by reviewing the historical processes of its fish fauna, where silverside was planted in three major floods that diluted the percentage of iodine from the mirror.