Our Site: White River Expedition

We left Manaus on the boat Hotel “Kalua”, climbing the legendary rio Negro. Our destination this time would be the Itapará River, right tributary of the White River. Before we reach the river Itapará we would have about 28 hours of navigation, up the rio Negro and passing by the fluvial archipelago of Anavilhanas, which by your beauty makes up for the trip.
Once reached the mouth of the White River, would require a few hours of navigation to the mouth of the Itapará, the stronghold of the great Peacock bass, one of the targets of the trip. Aboard the boat hotel, twelve excellent traveling companions, some of BH and others from the mining town of Curvelo, all “armed” of varied fishing stuff and a lot of hope of measuring forces with Amazon giants.
In fact, this journey started with a small complication: just before boarding a boat hotel generators failed, which forced him to postpone for a few hours, causing some anxiety in mates, but the problem has been remedied and the staff traveled with peace of mind, which was a constant throughout the fishery.

During the trip, we had the opportunity to practice various methods of fly fishing: fly and artificial lures for Peacock bass, arowanas, traíras, jacundás, and stuff for the Amazonian bagrões reinforced, with emphasis on the pirararas, which made the delight of connoisseurs of brute force. Among the tucunas, the largest specimen weighed little more than 6 pounds, already leather fish had their estimated weights, since our scales were limited to a maximum of 12 pounds.

In the fishery, two facts have called our attention: the first was the level of the waters, which remained high due to the constant rain, contrary to what is expected for this time of year (late February). Historically, the best period for fishing for Peacock bass in that region is from October to March, but in the situation of fishing for Peacock bass is more complicated, because the fish houses in the Woods flooded, making your location and the pitches. Another fact was the “blending” of rivers in Roraima by communities, guesthouses and international operators, not allowing fishing in their “domains”. We prove this fact when we try to fish in some lakes and we have been informed by the “owner” that were hired for certain operators. The strange thing is that this practice is knowledge of government agencies. ETA Brazil great and unknown …

Leaving aside these abnormalities, the trip was one of those experiences that are good for the body, the soul and the heart of all fishermen. The boat hotel “Kalua” is a recent venture, which has as one of Ian Sulocki, great friend and partner, deep knowledge of the region. The boat was recently retired, is very comfortable and has capacity for up to 16 fishermen. The fishing boats are designed for comfort during the fishery, with 30 hp engines and electric motors. The piloteiros are targeted to bring the fishermen on a fishing trip varied, focusing not only on Peacock bass fishing. The crew is qualified and very kind, Neli, chef capable of transforming food into art with its delights, which make the joy of everyone aboard.