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Trout Fishing Technique

The trout is a fish to the especially developed senses which is not always easy to cheat the vigilance. Discretion is therefore required. The trout fishing There are many techniques to effectively fish the trout, however, we can store them…
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Interview with Fisherman Part 2

Today, we present in Sin-Our site, an interview with Cyril Gressot Our site, monitor the Mediterranean tuna fishing guide. Cyril will present his story, his profession, and we will try to learn a bit more about enjoys fishing in general.

Saltwater Perch Fish

Gregarious species, the present common perch in our waters is often saves him empty-handed from the predator angler. The union makes the force His body is very picked up with a more or less humped back. Its double dorsal class…
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The Brown Trout

Called noble fish for his fighting spirit and his cunning, the brown trout is the most sought and appreciated by fishermen of freshwater fish. Oxygen is life It has a streamlined body that allows it to reach peaks of relatively…
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Jig Fishing Technique

The jig is a technique that allows to find bars in depth. She has gradually been replaced by fishing with flexible lures but makes the difference when the result is not to go. It also allows to ferret out large…
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Passion for Fishing

Passion for Fishing 2

It is the passion that drives Pierre-Yves, the bars in the Morbihan fishing Guide… passion for fishing and nature. With Pierre-Yves out to sea takes on a dimension you would have never imagined! Landscapes you stunning, pastel colors in the…
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Fishing Gear Buying Guide

Tip # 1: how to choose gear Novice anglers will need a lot of tools to quickly join in this exciting venture. Experienced amateurs “silent hunting” would elevate the records they are accustomed to. But you may not fit, have every…
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