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Federation: Land Of Pleasures

The Entre Ríos city has everything from baths to large dorados. An area to explore and enjoy. Image gallery. The Uruguay River is the dream of many fishermen. I spent a few hours travel imagining the feelings of pique one of those famous…
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Considerations For Fly Reels

Need to know this type of reels, which although they do not have much to do with the release, will be crucial in the fight. The first dilemma one faces when you start fly fishing is assembling the reel. I.e. which…
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Double Attraction in San Nicolas

A striking but fun combination of Golden and tarariras in the same output. Keys for each species. Image gallery. From the month of August, with the first heats, turns the summer fishing, that invites us with Bogue, Golden, carp, tarariras…
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Tarariras And Gold In Gualeguay

In the area, it is common to see violent pique tarariras only metres away. The paradise for those seeking this type of fishing. Image gallery. Note with video. Under the planterio the tararira emerges in surface, with its lateral line detects the distance…
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Trout In Welsh Lands

The beginning of season in areas close to Trevelin and the legendary Corcovado. Very good fishing and emotions. More gift of a trout that measured almost 90 centimetres.

Its Fisheries And Cholila

Start of season in the Cholila Lake, more of one floated by the Carrileufú River. Trout that retain their wild state. Techniques and more yielding flies. Note with video.

The Passion Could Much More

More than 400 gray challenged the impetuous climate on the feast of the angler sports of Villa Gesell, organized by Aicacyp. Note with video. The 8th edition of the Festival of the sport fisherman took place on November 2 in the…
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Fishing for Goatfish

We continue with our basic tutorials of fishing by species, today we give the passage to the Cabracho, a fish of alive color and dangerous armored, a challenge of greater level for fishermen not so beginners. The fishing of the goatfish can be…
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MelincuE: Again in Action

This mirror key in Santa Fe South has regained its population of silverside. Catch them adrift and wading. Note with video. Two years ago, when this reporter debuted in this magazine with a note about Melincué, described the mirror as…
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Reels For All Occasions

Weekend presents an introduction to the different types of reels that exist in the market. Image gallery. Since fishing is practiced to greater distance than the length of the shank, became essential the use of a device host where the…
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The Difficult PacU of Bella Vista

A particular mode that resembles the capture of these delicate fish, with fly fishing. Image gallery. Since fishing is practiced to greater distance than the length of the shank, became essential the use of a device host where the line…
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CochicO Was Reborn with All

The big Silversides of that body of water returned to appear, after heavy rains in the area. Image gallery. One of my favorite for fishing pejerrey is, without a doubt, Cochicó Lake, located in Guaminí. Four years back, in the…
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Best Selling Fishing Reel

Hello, David speaks. We continue to meet the demand for products in our Pescacosmar online fishing store. Today I bring you seven offers on reeds and reels, have a look and take advantage of our low prices.