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Close to the Coast

A boat fishing in Mar de Ajo, entertaining with lots of variety and good rivalries. Key to achieving good catches. Image gallery. The Buenos Aires coast between San Clemente and Mar del Plata offers different possibilities of fishing, especially during…
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Different Modes of Fishing

Hello, David speaks. We continue to meet the demand for products in our Pescacosmar online fishing store. Today I bring you six offers in combos fishing for various modalities, have a look and take advantage of our low prices.

Red Tuna Fishing

Today in PescaCosmar we talk about an important species that brings certain complexities not suitable for novice fishermen. The bluefin tuna is caught under certain strict regulations that must be followed to the letter, so today we will help you to…
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Fishing Tips and Techniques

Today at PescaCosmar we venture into the fishing of Pargo al Jigging, an unpopular activity and in fact quite challenging for fishermen who want to take their skills in vertical fishing to the next level. Today we will talk about the…
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Fishing in Congo River

In the rocky depths there is a good-sized anguilliform fish and sharp teeth that bring great emotions to the fishermen in autumn and winter: the Congrios. These creatures are strong and quite difficult to fish, it is vital to have the…
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Fishing Combos Online

Hello, David speaks. We continue to meet the demand for products in our Pescacosmar online fishing store. Today I bring you the news of our store in fishing rods and fishing combos, have a look and take advantage of our low…
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How to Avoid Tangles in Fishing Line

Raise your hand if you ever or very often spend more than an hour of your day untangling the fishing lines! Most fishermen face this problem which, in addition to being extremely tedious, discourages them from participating in future days.But do…
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Sport Fishing Methods

To be a good fisherman not only have to know how to fish, it is also necessary to have certain theoretical bases, today in PescaCosmar we are going to talk a little about the most popular sports fishing, so that…
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Types of Sport Fishing

Today we continue with the second part of our exhibition on the sport fishing modalities, if you have not read the previous one, click here, and if you have already read it and want to learn more then continue reading, because…
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Buying Fishing Reels

Before you let yourself be taken by others’ opinions or look for the most expensive models to believe they are the best, we recommend that you take a look at our article today, because in PescaCosmar we will teach you…
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Berisso Never Ceases to Amaze

The Río de la Plata lives a season that excites everyone, many bream and gold of very good size. Image gallery. Many Bogue in downpipe and large with artificial growing gold”, was the first thing the Matías Pavoni guide told…
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Corvina Fishing Tips

Today in PescaCosmar we bring you a new fishing guide, this time our main species will be the corvina. A delicious fish, which will bring us exciting moments and teach us an amazing fight. There are many things that you should know before…
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Best Selling Fishing Reels

Hello, David speaks. We continue to create irresistible offers in our Pescacosmar online fishing store. Today I bring you 7 fishing reels in promotion that will surely interest you: 1. Shimano Alivio 2000r The Relief 2000R Shimano reel is suitable for fishing boat…
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Best Fishing Lines

Hello, David speaks. We continue to meet the demand for recommended products in our Pescacosmar online fishing shop. Today I bring you 7 threads of fishing that are selling at a speed of vertigo.

Spinning Fishing Techniques

Spinning fishing is very fun because it allows you to be a kind of puppeteer that seduces the fish, and then catch them without respite. Now the art of seducing a fish with a lure is extensive, it is composed of several…
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Impressive: 2.70 M Kayak Bacot

At the end of 2012, a group of fishermen captured in Mar del Plata the shark biggest of which have record in kayak fishing. Watch photos and video. Image gallery. Years ago with a group of friends we practice fishing…
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