Part 1: Various Lures-Soft Plastic Baits

The art decoy business has so insanely developed in recent years, that it is practically impossible to enumerate all varieties. I will therefore all my favorite soft plastic baits and describe the most common and most catchy varieties :-). Over the years I have tried quite a few manufacturers, but now I always tend to take mainly the companies, which have proved the most over time.

Doesn’t mean that any manufacturer is bad, just because I don’t mention him here, but as for all products is well-known top brand city, Illex, Fox also available at lures like for example voids rage, Berkley, relax, Rooster, Rozemeijer, bass assassin, Spro, and a few others. When the soft plastic baits, there are very many colors and shapes, but some of them are almost by law in each fishing bag. There are so-called high-action (much movement and vibration in the water, e.g. with plate tail), medium-action (e.g. manatees) and low action rubber baits (little movement and vibrations with thin tips tail). My favorite form is no doubt the plate tail, hereby I most of the pike perch and Pike started in Germany by far, with the perch I tend rather to Twister or small plate tail but more on that later.

The manatees, also a very fishing-form works perfectly with cold as well as in warmer weather. Whether jigging, Carolina rig or dropshot, you can almost always use the swallow-tailed. The FinS model by shrinkage cavity city, Dolphin Shad Spro or rage Fork Tail von Fox are all excellent fork tail bait. The only downside to the swallow-tailed is that if you want to just throw the bait and by boost, they lose much of their playful charm. The swallow-tailed works best in the descent phase while lounging in strong currents at the dropshot.

When it comes to perch or about predators generally catch, Twister (long worm-like lures) or plate tail bait a good choice in the summer. By abundance of prey fish this time of year, lots of movement and vibration of the bait can sometimes make the difference, to attract attention of the Bandit. Here Berkley, Illex and Fox recommended rage. All three companies produce excellent bait, also the Saltshaker by voids city are recommended.

These baits can eject and play nice. Whether with a small chirping on the cane or just eject and by boosting such baits are very attractive for the predator in almost all fishing methods. It is important for such lures that the front part of the lure is stable, thus the hooks fit and does not slip on the toss. The middle and rear area of the bait (tail) should be soft and flexible. These attributes include almost every good manufactured soft plastic baits.

Sometimes taking to low-action baits. Usually have a relatively thick body with each long tails (see picture). Usually, such baits are very good in the very cold months. Here my favourite brands: Spro Slender Point, bass assassin Shad of Texas and twitch or the Rooster skirt tail. The dropshot – or vertical fishing is recommended when these baits and this should be very slowly the bait.

It would not be correct to write a post about soft plastic baits relax without the legendary to mention Kopyto. This soft plastic baits resembles a small prey fish, is available in all colours and really can be fished in all conditions. Many rubber fish anglers start with Kopyto, because you can do virtually nothing wrong when the lure as I mentioned at the beginning of this article, what’s new on the market is more and more often, therefore it is still to try out more new bait.

Who would like to present his own favorite soft plastic baits, please use the comment form on this page. I am grateful for all the comments, and hope through you to discover even more exciting lures, to test, and then to be able to report. Until then, I wish you all appreciate the roles!