Pousada Aripuana (Am)-How to Reach

River: travel in boats (speedboats) Executive rooms, equipped with comfortable armchairs, TV, DVD, surround sound, toilet, meal on board and bar service.

Note: approximate time of 8:30 h. to h. 9:30.
Manaus: outputs Boat Puma-6:00-Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
Output of Novo Aripuana: Joe Speedboat Holland-8:30-Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Regular flights: Parintins regional air taxi company

Aircraft for up to 6 passengers, travel time approx 1:00.

Outputs from the Aero Club of Manaus: Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Output from Manaus to 7:30 h.,-output of Novo Aripuana at 9:00 h.

Air taxi: Charter, direct flights to Novo Aripuana

Grand Caravan: 10 passengers, luggage 15 kg per passenger

E110 Bandeirante, 14 passengers, baggage 20 kg per passenger.
NE 821-Caravan, 8 passengers, baggage 20 kg per passenger.

C208 Caravan Amphibian seaplane, 8 passengers, 18 kg luggage per passenger.

Transfer of the town of Novo Aripuana Aripuana Inn:

River transport: from the port city of Novo Aripuana for hostel Aripuana, a ride on boats for up to 14 passengers, 04 up the Aripuana, dazzling landscapes until arriving at the port of Pousada Aripuana.
Travel time approx: 2:40 h.

Road transport: another tour to the part by AM 174, dirt road that cuts through the Amazon rainforest with 127km route in the city of Novo Aripuana to the Pousada Aripuana.
Travel time approx:

Truck up to 04 h 2:30 passengers.
Micro bus for up to 24 passengers: approximate time of trip-3:30 h.

Private plane: access may also be made by aircraft of its own, but to the city of Novo Aripuana. The Pousada Aripuana still has no airstrip.

Coordinates Novo Aripuana City Airport-
Am: latitude 5° 8 ‘ 6 “South longitude 60° 22 ‘ 33” West-m altitude.

Coordinates: 6° latitude, Pousada Aripuana: 03.46 ‘ 00 “South longitude: 60° 11 ‘ 11.60” West-altitude 58 m.