Pousada Mantega (Mt)-How to Reach

To Cuiaba options are flying: blue, Trip, Avianca, Passaredo and TAM, Gol, Web Jet.
Cuiabá to Alta Floresta, Trip Linhas Aereas operates daily flights leaving at 11:55 and coming to 14:00 h. In the back leaves at Alta Floresta 2:20 pm arriving in Cuiaba at 16:25 h.

The hotel has a free transfer airport-hotel.
In the case of the fisherman need (or think they should be, by the proximity of some connections) to spend the night in Cuiaba so that the next day take the flight to Alta Floresta, the suggestion is hosting the Hotel diplomat.


There is a direct connection from the TAM that connects several capitals to Alta Floresta in check-in right in the city of origin and final landing in high Forest through a codeshare operation with the Trip Linhas Aéreas, and can even use frequent flyer miles, even the section operated by the Trip. The connection is in Cuiabá to 11:55 h, with boarding, reaching High Forest at 2:00 pm and back out of Alta Floresta the 14:20 h, arriving in Cuiabá to 16:25 h.
Be advised that there may be connection loss if there is delay in some of the flights and the Trip does not expect the TAM flight.
Off this option of Tam, can be for any airline to Cuiabá (Gol has a flight that arrives in Cuiabá to 10:30 h, increasing the chance of connection in the same day) and, from there, the Trip to Alta Floresta.
You can study direct air charters of Cuiabá until the Inn and, in case of interest please contact us for more details.

By air from other locations
Passaredo Linhas Aéreas has daily flights connecting Alta Floresta other six localities: Belo Horizonte, Goiânia, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, London and São José do Rio Preto.
The flights will be on Embraer ERJ 145 jets with capacity for 50 passengers.
The operation has an interesting feature, which is the connection via Brasilia, where there is a greater availability of flights to all the Brazil without going through Cuiabá.
The Passaredo uses the system code-share with Gol Linhas Aéreas.


Flight of about 30 minutes by plane for up to 5 people Backcountry.
We have a runway of 1300 m cascalhada operating, operating with up to medium-sized aircraft.

Its coordinates are: 09° 13 ‘ 32 S; 057° 01 ‘ 21 W-Call Rota: SJNS


1-buy a ticket on the bus. This bus (double deck, air conditioning, bed tourism service, etc.) out of Cuiabá at 7:00 pm on satellite and at 8:00 pm by Real North reaching Benin to 07 and 8:00 the next day, respectively.
2-Hire a Van, a minibus or Bus, depending on the size of the group, which would be at night (up to 21:00), at the airport in Cuiabá, leaving shortly thereafter to Alta Floresta, with 11 hours of travel forecast.
(To be confirmed)

Alta Floresta/Cuiabá

It is important to note that the Inland Transport of High Forest to the lodge can only be started in the morning with a maximum output at 9:00 h.
Journey with approximate duration of 5 hours (trucks) and 6 hours (bus) depending on the time of year.

1-double cabin pickup trucks with air conditioning for up to 4 people.

2-own vehicle