Present Yourself Well. Dress Up Well. What’s the Harm?

All companies adopt behaviors and costumes according to your internal culture. Multinational companies, especially the Europeans, tend to be more conservative about the way the employees wear.
Often, these rules are implied and, depending on the hierarchical level, shall be borne by the employee’s own common sense.
The following are some guidelines to decrease their doubts on the subject.
In the men’s clothing business, the shoe should have the same color of the belt and socks. Say experts in male elegance that is as the judge of football: the less appear, the better. My advice, too, on behalf of the Assembly, that the case follow the combination; This will only promote the set.
The necktie is the most fun and versatile male costume. With her, the man can spend a bit of your personality and your style. But if you’re not a fashion expert, choose more classic ties not to skid on the curves of elegance. Novelty neckties with prints of cartoon characters do not grow well even for Bill Gates.
The most classic ties are transverse stripes, also called the rules for having emerged in England and they are used to distinguish the members of royal regiments. Are the stamped of cashmere or geometric designs. With them, to reduce the risk of error.
The shades vary greatly, but one should get the most classy, such as black, Navy Blue, wine, beige or yellow.

Here are some basic combinations:

Black suit + shoes Black + Black Belt + Black sock + white shirt, blue, pink, ivory, ice, dark grey or beige burned + tie regimental or polka dots with black background.
Navy blue suit + shoes Black + Black Belt + Black sock + white shirt + tie with Navy blue background with yellow drawing or wine.
Graphite + suit black shoes + belt + black + white shirt black sock or ice + tie with wine or graphite background with stripes or prints.
Brown suit, Khaki or beige + brown shoes + belt + stocking Brown Brown + Blue or ivory shirt + tie in shades of brown or yellow.
The combinations of tones that are always more classical approach.
The classic pieces of basic colors are always a good way not to spend too much, because they don’t follow fads and may be in the closet for a long time-that goes for both sexes.
Some companies adopt the “casual day” a day of the week, usually on Fridays, to loosen up a little the outfit in the workplace, especially the male. Considering the use of formal jacket and tie, these companies opt for a “release” clothes on the last working day of the week.
The suit called casual asks cotton pants, Polo shirts or plain cotton, plaids or stripes (short sleeves in summer and long in winter), Nubuck shoes and cotton socks. A sweater over his shoulders to climate change also. It is allowed the use of jeans, if adopted by others because, in the corporate world, the best tip is to not be a resounding element. Regarding the use of social shirt jeans, I think are incompatible. Let the shirt to wear with the suit.
For women, the casual day makes little difference, because out of what is considered right for the use during the week is a risky ground to tread. I suggest that you, woman, be in the Cabinet the following parts:
“Tube” model dress in beige (ivory until crispy or burned Beige) + blazer of the same color and fabric + skirt (discrete length near the knee).
Black CAMI dress + black + black skirt blazer.
Shoe with heel pumps medium, type in black and beige.
Classic case Black average and another ivory (forget the “backpack”).
Nylons skin color.
With these items, you can obtain various combinations and add color sweaters varied, both in winter and in summer. You can also count on the help of scarves and jewelry to be discrete chic.
Don’t abuse the perfume or makeup. The nails should always be painted with clear nail polish.
For job interviews, discretion is the watchword, and sobriety stands out the candidate. Collect as much information about the company is pledging a wave and prepare very well, because you need to sell yourself effectively. A good product, but a careful packing, must have a quality content.
Men and women can enhance your appearance
For women, makeup, hair cut, dye, clothes and accessories should have the same style, combining with your personality, be it classical, modern, or pushy.
Set your style, study your appearance before the mirror, identifying its strengths and weaknesses. For example, if you have a nice lap, if your look is expressive, if your body contouring is suggestive, if your legs are beautiful, cherish these points.
Men should do the same exercise.
Identified these points, seek to enhance those strengths and hide or disguise the weak.
Browse buy clothes of basic colors. Consider investing in a new haircut with the help of a professional.
It is important to invest in yourself to raise your spirits.
And on fishing? … get out of the routine. Don’t expose yourself too much to the Sun.