Salmon, Cherni And Grouper In The Same Fishing

A few km from Mar del Plata, a brilliant field attempt to fishing boat. Image gallery.

We had to do a survey of fishing boat from sea and, of course, we went to one of the best areas that has the province of Buenos Aires: Mar del Plata. This area meets all the conditions of safe fishing since the sea bed is composed by large expanses of sand and stone embancadas at the bottom, that are haven of forage species. These banks of stones are nurseries in larger species such as salmon, wreckfish, and groupers.

The banks of stones are formed by prolongation of the Tandilia saw, which penetrates the sea looking for the North. And they have shoals opposite Punta Mogotes, near the coast, where you can practice many fisheries, standing out of the shark who makes release enforced.

Provision Of Equipment

Mar del Plata has a very good water park and a port that enables fans embark on dry.Many vessels engaged in providing services to fans, equipped with all the safety systems depart from the Yatch Club. In addition provided fishing gear: reels, rods, lines, sinkers and bait and in some cases elements for the practice of the jigging.

In Mar del Plata, you can try the varied, which is the traditional fishing close to the coast.It allows to capture croaker, salted mackerel, whiting, brótolas, fish stick, cazones, Conger, gatusos, etc. In the Bank for fishermen and bench outside, as well as varied, from December to March, it is possible to try the so-called fine fishing. Its stars include anchovies, lemons and beautiful, that the fishing is trolling with special lines, or the version that more followers has, making jigging once it detects them under the boat.And, finally, you can enjoy the fishing. It provides the most important pieces in pesos, acting on stone benches more than 40 meters deep. This alternative is the favorite of fans and demand the use of fast and safe boats.

Previous Days

Along with Orlando Smith and José Luis Feijó, two fishing enthusiasts, we arrived at 6 in the morning to the Yatch Club, where already awaited us Mariano de la Rúa, owner of the company Aquafish. With the boat warming, Mariano told us that fishing had been difficult in previous days due to the sea. The current was such that prevented pass baits slowly on the stones, making almost zero pique. But, luckily, the climate had accommodated and everything foreshadowed a good day of fishing.