Santafecinas Tarariras With Artificial

Almost 100 km from Rosario, a spectacular place to try and achieve this species. Image gallery.

Something we anticipate last month in the note on lures for tarariras: the fury of fishing with artificial (especially the baitcast) makes that year will conquer new places for this practice. On other pages, Merino Wilmar realizes his visit to the ranch of Gualeguay mentioned. We headed to the Paraná. Waters upstream of the city of Diamante, wide runway flanked a world of islands up to the edge with the Mainland, the rio Coronda. The place we chose to fish in a fraction of that strip was monk, almost 100 km from Rosario on the highway to the North. The choice was not haphazard or capricious: Marcos Borgatti, great friend of Salto Grande, Santa Fe, bought a beautiful boat and premiered a week before our trip. In a horrible day of wind and cold achieved a lot from tarariras, which immediately called us for, already with a pleasant temperature (between 15 and 22 degrees) and full sun, relieve the same places.

We got the boat in La Boca, a village located at the mouth of the Brook monk on the Coronda, which can be reached from the village along 9 km of dirt road in very good condition. Crossing to the Eastern Bank and begins a series of aguajes, creeks and bays, propitious for the fishing of this species so combative, which prefers low places, no current and barroso Fund.

Between The Islands

In the place where Marcos and his friend Leandro Romagnoli, who also accompanied us on this visit, found the taruchas, a lagoon with a small connection with the River, due to the drop in recent weeks was surprising the absence of pique. Then tried on a neighboring pond: and there began the action, which was reiterated in a pair of narrow creeks, near ditches, and beaches of mud.