Spectacular Catfishes Of The RIO De La Plata

An exciting fishing a few miles from the Federal Capital. Image gallery.

Entering in the warmer months, the majestic estuary of the Río de la Plata tempts us with a range of species that we can fish. Despite the abuse suffered by natural situations and by the actions of man, still gives us that great possibility which is the choose knowing that, as they say in the fishing jargon,”everything won’t be able to do”.

This time chose two different species, but with wide possibilities of fishing them each one at the time of the day, according to the State of the tide, both both growing and downpipe.

One of them is the sea catfish or cuddly, also called monchuelo. It is a migratory species that arrives from the sea from late August to meet their reproductive cycle, penetrating in the Río de la Plata and the rivers Uruguay, Paraná Guazú, Paraná de las Palmas, Paraná Bravo and Gutierrez, where he stayed until early January. This type of siluridos inhabits deep and channels with current, place where to seek their food. While schools move to medium water, at the time of eating, they do it on the bed of the river. They have a cylindrical body with a greyish tone in the back, white belly, very small eyes and a mouth great and mighty.

Being a kind marina, to tempt it we should use bait according to that source. Although exceptionally taken earthworm or any white bait, to attract sea catfish, the best thing is the squid cut into strips and topped with one or two tentacles, young squids embodied integers, whole anchovies tied with elastic thread or cut to the Middle making sanguchito with squid or salted mackerel and salted mackerel BBS.

The equipment used for fishing in the North of the Río de la Plata (clarify the sector because very different are the necessary elements to the South, such as Watchtower, Magdalena and La Balandra Strip) are heavy, not by what means the fishing itself, but by the weight of the lead that we use and the strength of the current line to support.