Stabiles Gerat fur Spinning Fish Newcomers: Is That Really Sustainable?

In this and in the last year I’ve written some articles for the magazine “on the hook”. For all those who now subscribe to this interesting reading a post made here 2014 by me:

A topic that is discussed always again hot, is this the Assembly or more generally, “the unit” for spin fishing. I want to dedicate my post so some principles, which help each predator anglers to get fish on the hook as frustration-free as possible. My comments on each item, you will see that I take off a little bit of common professional tips, because just beginners often must perform a balancing act between maximum fun and limited budget.

To the rod, I want to say only what you need at this point, because this is a huge topic, which I myself like to dedicate to a different time. I use only the #LMAB Custom Rod with a casting weight of 5-35 grams because this rod for bass, Pike and Zander is suitable. It is sensitive enough to detect very fine bass bites, but tight enough to excellent drill also meter Pike. In addition to features like a fine tip action, balanced weight distribution within the rod and high-quality rings, one thing above all is important for me: the bite detection. Your goal should be to be able to distinguish a bite by an obstacle under water. Apart from factors such as experience and skill can be course for success at this point even if the device. And that starts at the pole. She should feel for you after some time as an extended finger, therefore I can recommend only imprecise “moving rods”. Such one begins with a Pike once, but keep only if this greedy low spreads in the mouth the bait. The tight, sensitive rod, however, helps you to detect even tentative bites and within half a second to put the right off the bat. Never forget that every angler goes through a long training process and something like the bite detection part needs a lot of experience. With every fish, you fail, you learn and increases the likelihood to hook the next predator clean!

Briefly on the role: even if many experienced anglers among you are now rebelling, I say all beginners: If your budget is limited, it must not be a Premiumrolle. The cheaper products of the brands are sufficient for the first, the Sienna and the Catana Shimano are probably the most popular one dough role at all their fabulous price-performance ratio because of. Role must have a passable brake and have a minimum level of quality, so that they let you during the drills in the lurch. I therefore advise against the purchase of No-Name-Produkten. Many beginners, I know, fishing with entry-level models from best manufacturers and are absolutely satisfied, until then frequently after a few years the demands grow.

Now, do I get to the part of the Angel unit I located for this article closest to the heart, namely cord and rig and its capacities, in particular in this area just under spinning fish newcomers waiting many unanswered questions, answer to be.

Because the main line would be first. As a fan of optimum bite detection comes for me salmonid fishing in Germany only braided Dyneema line in question. But this must be how thick or how thin she should be? There are almost as many opinions as lure anglers. Basically, it was once stated that you must ensure on the one hand that your cord, your rig, and all other elements of your tackles provide enough capacity to avoid line – or breakage. Everything else would not waidgerecht and can lead to the painful death of the animal. On the other hand, a certain effect of SCHEUCH has every line and every leader. And this is of course the less, depending on the materials used are thinner and therefore less visible. I can advise beginners to adapt the capacity of the cord to the conditions of the House water. Alone would pull the weight of a substantial copy of the target fish (E.g. Pike) considered a capacity of approximately 6 kg is sufficient for spin fishing. This corresponds to a diameter of 0.10 mm braided cord and may be enough for a drill experienced anglers, who knows his home waters with each obstacle. A so tight calculation of necessary capacity I strongly advise beginners and anglers who use “a line for everything”! Because the indication of the load-bearing capacity is interesting for a completely different problem: earrings. In waters with much potential for earrings, as well as in unknown waters, quiet heavier guns may be used up. Earrings can make the difference between a successful and a very annoying experience of fishing. The braided line offers good opportunities to solve a trailer (as long as it brings in enough capacity). Whether by “Cord can stretch and snap back” at fixed obstacles such as rocks or roots or just pulling strong at obstacles such as herb benches. In the end it comes beginners but mainly, not to lose the complete Assembly or even a piece of the main string for each hanger. And beginners have now abundant hangers depending on the waters. Also for some other reason, the handle to a heftier cord can be an economic decision: braided lines are quite expensive, therefore it comes for many anglers out of the question to buy a matching braided line for every conceivable circumstance. Who uses the same string for many purposes, should decide my opinion for a strong Dyneema between 10 and 12 kg capacity. However should be considered in this case that abrasion can provide for a significant reduction of the load-bearing capacity. Just the part immediately at the end of the main line is often used in gathering, ejecting or in the damaged drill. Cutting off the last 70 cm of cord can help with this problem definitely every few months (depending on the visible abrasion).

Also saying that the choice of the Vorfaches (strength) as well as the capacities of the different components play an important role. These should be chosen so that the weakest point just before the bait sitting, or that the entire construction is so strong, that when a trailer hook can, bend up because in both cases you lose not your entire installation. But once again should you the SCHEUCH effect not left and found a mediocrity that is adapted to the water color. What type of material the

To give you conclude a concrete example at hand, I will give you a beginners recommendation for a simple installation of Pike with the respective carrying capacity: as a main line, I recommend a woven Dyneema diameter 0.15 mm (approx. 10-12 kg capacity). Snap and vertebrae between the main line and leader should wear as well about 10 kg. The flexible, also braided 7 x 7 steel rig bears either about 6-7 kg (0.27 mm), or approximately 10-12 If you fish in clear water and wants to minimize the effect of SCHEUCH kg (0.36 mm), if you fish in murky water and calculates with many trailers. Finally, the last snap before the bait should exhibit as every other element of my device, to install a predetermined breaking point there, if not already the hook of “Adieu” said at that time less capacity.

I know that many a self-appointed Angel Pro shake just the head at the specified here carrying capacity. It is important to detach me from these conventions, and to be able to give useful practice tips along the way so our Trnava. It is still said that all statements about capacities in this text only to the “are” if doing the right knots and crimp connections are applied. To do so more will soon start from my side.