Surfcasting Fishing – All Equipment Needed To Fish Surfcasting

What Kind Of Material Is Necessary For Surfcasting Fishing?

Surfcasting fishing is one of the many sports fishing methods available. We give you some brief tips for you to know their peculiarities and the fishing materials that are needed for the practice of surfcasting.

Surfcasting Fishing - All Equipment Needed To Fish Surfcasting

Surfcasting fishing is encompassed within the types of sport fishing as one more mode in which fishing from the shore of the beach. This is a very popular way to practice fishing, in addition to being relaxing because of the environmentin which it is practiced, except when it is competition that is where the tension of competitiveness is imposed.

If in English a translation of this Anglo-Saxon term could be made, it would be’tossed fish’. It is a variety of fishing that can be very hard and exhausting but will be rewarded with large catches. Among the most common species of surfcasting wefind bass, seabream or seabream.

This modality can be practiced without climatic or time conditioning. As for thematerials needed to practice surfcasting fishing we believe that the most indispensable are:

Surfcasting Fishing - All Equipment Needed To Fish Surfcasting 1

Surfcasting fishing rod:  Normally two rods are used, and it is advisable to be twin, so that when we launch, we have the same sensations with the two rods and we do not have to get used to the different weights of each one, if they are of better carbon And if it has three plug-in sections better than better.

Surfcasting fishing reels: they will also be the same to compensate the equipment, since it is of no use to have two reeds the same if the reels are not and they detract from the total weight of the equipment, they are usually reels with a large reel that supports many meters of line Since the sets in the surfcasting are of great distance.

Leads: very important as they are responsible for our bait is in the most suitable place for the bite. The leads that are most used in this mode of fishing are those that weigh between 80 and 350 grams.

Surfcasting Fishing - All Equipment Needed To Fish Surfcasting 2

Line for surfcasting: the line we will use will be from 0.16 to 0.25 meters in areas of sand where we know in advance that we will not find rocks nearby that can break the thread. In areas of rock or mixed we use lines from 0.30 to 0.45 to ensure a little more fish in these more dangerous areas.

Hooks for surfcasting: this is where we will have to place the bait to nail the fish. From here it is very important to note that the hook has to prevent the fish from releasing once it has been nailed, there are thousands of models and their choice is given by the catch we want to get.

Bait: As for baits, the most common to practice this mode are live baits such as the American  worm, Korean, razor, green crab, strips of poplar or sepia, thread, north, etc. Any of them will be suitable for the practice of surfcasting, the meat that we put so that the fish chop in the capture, must be alive.

Surfcasting Fishing - All Equipment Needed To Fish Surfcasting 3

Spades or supports: must be pointed to be able to nail them in the sand of the play a and hold tightly the reeds of surfcasting, there are phosphorescent and in different sizes.

Rigging: they are very extensive and each fisherman will choose the one that best suits their tastes and needs. These tackle can be prepared in special corcheras, while the endings or gametes with the hook will be better to manufacture them on foot of beach to avoid that the line creates too much memory.

Other materials: emerillones, chemical lights, boxes to transport the small material, a backpack or drawer to keep everything and that allows us to move comfortably along the beaches, etc.

Now that you know everything you need… What are you waiting for to become an expert in surfcasting?