Tarariras And Gold In Gualeguay

In the area, it is common to see violent pique tarariras only metres away. The paradise for those seeking this type of fishing. Image gallery. Note with video.

Under the planterio the tararira emerges in surface, with its lateral line detects the distance and direction of the self which has intrusado its territory. Submerged in 50 cm of water and their eyes located at the top of the head, the 60 degree viewing cone finally displayed, just above, that frog that will devour. Determined, it launches then with a sharp blow from its tail fin his furious attack. Vegetation played you against, and failure for little, but the strength of his jump delivers fisherman the most magnificent scene of fishing in surface: violent a tararira pique.

Without panicking, Fisher continues his artificial (small strain causing a zig zag action) stickeando up to get out of the yuyal and the predator leaves his shelter to clean water and in a voracious outburst swallows rubber frog attacking from the rear. The nets wait two, three, four eternal seconds and finally nailed. The double hook of the artificial piling in the serrated jaws of the hopliass, which begins to jump and dive looking for break of the unexpected hassle. This type of emotions is repeated dozens of times in the last two hours of fishing from our survey in Gualeguay.

But this corollary of a story that begins to be written by the end closing the day pure apeak of taruchas in a stay, began much earlier and with another objective: fishing dorados and trahiras at the Pavón and the felling, respectively. Our host: Jorge Cot, a guide that contains all the virtues of the Entre Ríos, a type given in friendship, great starter Matt and fallen in love with their land.