Testing the Claromeco Court

A few days of 24 hours the Black Sea bass, we started to test the recognized pitch, with very good results. Image gallery.

More action when Lucho Feinel cane brand with an aflojon, a characteristic pique of chucho. While fighting to arm party so that you do not cut or to escape, tried to make the famous guitar (playing the nylon as if it were a rope, then release) to be able to unstick it background, but it was useless.

The large size of the issue won the battle. And a lapidary phrase Lucho gave ended that pique: “Ni although had touched it the guitar Cacho Tirao, it would have taken off.” It was very big! “.” So it was taken the day after an abundant fishing from the beaches of Claromeco.

There are many options that offers our Atlantic coast at the time of choosing a good fishing to fishing and particularly from the beach. And with so many places in mind, it was hard to decide where to do the survey.

But after some seasons without visiting them, we decided to make the trip to calm and always yielding Claromecó beaches. A destination that undoubtedly is recognized, among other qualities, by the famous competition “The 24 hours of the meagre black”, traditional meeting that takes many years, and that in February will make a new edition days 9 and 10.