The Great Fishing Of The Ibicuy

A few kilometres from Mazaruca, a place where good happens it is very. Image gallery.

Although I always recommend fish with a skilled person, who already knows the places where schools are moving and makes us to save time, effort and fuel, it is also very nice to discover new sectors, which we usually call even unconventional like caves or minipesqueros names on their own.

Over the past few years, depending on the height of the River with my friends Pablo Bofill and Roberto Ayala visited the Ibicuy River, upstream from the city of the same name. Passing Mazaruca, heading to the hamlet of La Argentina, name of a traditional stay in that area, a couple of breaks have downs or earrings on the shore of the river where, with a double truck traction, you can get a trailer to jump the boat. From these locations we start to probe tarariras vessels. Why we choose this area? Because from there northward and southward there are countless caves of both sides of the river. Put the limits the amount of gasoline that they want and can spend, patience, and concern for the fisherman, the height of the river and the wind. These last two natural factors we will talk then.

As in other fisheries in our country, the ideal height is at the halfway point: when the Ibicuy is very, the coasts are flooded and the tarariras entering fields, spreading it and thus hampering its finding. Conversely, when the river is low, water channels and disappear small bays, the mouths of ditches and temporary creeks that descend from the field is dry, and there are places where the tarariras reside, especially low and muddy areas.