The Mysteries Of The Pampa Taruca

A cordovan River where beautiful trout are given and can only be accessed on the back of a mule. Image gallery. Note with video.

It hard to find the words to define beauty in its purest form. The truth is that front the river Pampa Taruca, raptured before this vein of water crystal that it meanders in the foothills West of Pampa de Achala, have lagged behind the hardships of a long journey from Buenos Aires to Córdoba and the later crossing to Traslasierra, together with the hour drive from Mina Clavero and three on the back of a mule that demanded us to reach this otherwise inaccessible place. This Creole Paradise (featured in Weekend No.492) is a real secret of the mountain, whose quality of almost inaccessible makes it a shelter for your sports trout.

How Is The River

Located about 20 km north of Mina Clavero, Taruca Pampa or Ruga Pampa, born South of Los Gigantes and corresponds to the basin of the Panaholma River, which forms in confluence with the river burner. It has three main tributaries: fennel Brook, Brook Picaso dead and arroyo Grande. In their pools of crystal clear and cold waters moran trout of all sizes, being the Middle the of”size dish”, i.e. about 25 to 30 cm, with superlative exceptions and many juveniles.

Making base in Mina Clavero, getting it is necessary to bypass a stretch of one hour of travel on paved road and then by land, which can be done in conventional vehicle. Our game started at 5 AM and arriving at the river burner we have Marcelo Peralta, who brought the mules that would make viable the last stretch of the journey. We started walking up the mountain before dawn, on irregular roads of stones, where only the small vessels of the mules make firm foot (not so those of horses).