Uruguay River-Do Not Take Any Risks When Purchasing Your Package

Do Not Take Any Risks When Buying Fishing Packages For The Uruguay River

In the Uruguay River, in Concordia, Entre Ríos Province (border AIR-UR), there are only 2 licensed fishing operations. 1-LA ZONA (within the reserve) that meets with only 2 boats at a time, from Friday to Monday. 2-operation GOLD (below the dam to the Salto Chico), which serves up to 20 boats from Sunday to Sunday, throughout the year. Both with all the security you not have hassles.

Bookings are always made by contract. See if your agency or agent is registered or concession for the marketing of packages.

Stay Tuned:

Be wary of low prices. Fishing operations in the region, for their logistical particularities, aren’t cheap, is a fact.

With the success of the fisheries of the gold and Giant Piaparas, plus Surubins is monitored via implanted, widely disseminated by social networks, magazines and TV shows, no more popping up numerous “operators, agents and agencies”, with promises of services and packages of the most diverse, low rates, etc. Already there have been several cases of Brazilians, drawn mainly by offers of “cheap packages”, no more victims of deception and being subjected to bad situations, constraints and to vexations.

Before starting your package payments: requires the contract, make sure the CNPJ is valid or confirm if the company belongs to the Group Fishing without borders. The agency or agent shall appear only as “responsible care”. Only start the payments after receiving the signed contract and after confirming the contractor’s data. Remaining questions, please call one of the headphones shown on the official website http://pescasemfronteiras.com.br

Another tip is to ask for names and contacts of people served to references.

Take fish of the River Uruguay home: in the region of Leap/Concordia, is below the dam, is the Lake of Recently, is totally prohibited (by law) to extract any specimen of fish, even piranhas and under any pretext. If someone did make that promise, will be another indication of “fraud or scam”.