Venator’s Stick, And The Lighter Series Rod On The Market!

The rod Venator is one of the most innovative market sticks, earlier, when he spoke on sticks, it was thought in medium weight rods, with more than 100 g. Who wanted a lighter stick, it would have to go to a Rod Builder, and generally these sticks are expensive! Now, with the number of rods Venator Special Edition, the fisherman can acquire your own light highlight stick, some models weigh in at just 86 g!


The old stick venator, had Cork cable, Reel seat PTS Marine Sports (Yes, the Reel Seat of ancient stick Venator wasn’t Fuji, was manufactured by Marine Sports!, and is of type PFTS, Blank IM 11, and carbon dowels KR, some models brought the facilitator types micro-guides, which serve to give less weight to stick, and more precise pitches.

The stick also carried a Venator innovation, a ruler of 1 meter recorded in your Blank.

The old stick venator has fast action, ideal for fishing with lures of propeller, and bone-mouth fish.

The tip is anti-enrosco for when the fisherman need to use jigs, where common loops in the blank.

Action Line Weight Size Code

VN-531MC 5 ‘ 3 “(1, 60 m) 8-17lb Average 110 g.
VN-561MC 5 ‘ 6 “(1, 68 m) 8-17lb Average 115 g.
VN-601MC 6 ‘ (1, 83 m) 8 Average-124 g 17lb.
VN-661MH 6 ‘ 6 “(1, six) Heavy 10-25 lb Average 142 g.
VN-561MHC 5 ‘ 6 “(1, 68 m) Heavy 10-25 LB Average 125 g.
VN-601MHC 6 ‘ (1, 83 m) Heavy 10-25 LB Average 130 g.

VN-661MLC-MG 6 ‘ 6 “(1, six) Take 6 Average-12lb 122 g.
VN-561MLC-(MG) 5 ‘ 6 “(1, 68 m) Take 6-12lb Average 116 g.

Let’s go now to the new venator Special Edition

Stick Venator Special Edition

The rod Venator 3 models, bring the traditional model.

The lightest model in the series, with different components:

This time, the Reel Seat is Fuji, ACS Sensitive model 16, EVA cable at the bottom, and the top part Cork, your blank is now fully red, and carbon graphite IM11 still to the tip, with dowels Fuji KR Tangle Free, as well as on the stick venator 1st Edition, and still brings the rule of 1 metre, and tip anti-enrosco. And power for stronger reeled in!

The models of this version brings the following specifications:

Model Size Weight Line Action Model Size Weight Line Action

VNSE-531MC 5 3 ´ ´ ´ (1, 60 m) 8-Average 17lb. 96 g.
VNSE-561MC 5 6 ´ ´ ´ (1, 68 m) 8-Average 17lb. 100 g.
VNSE-6 601MC (1, 83 m) 8-Average 17lb. 104 g.
VNSE-561MHC 5 6 ´ ´ ´ (1, 68 m) Heavy 10-25 lb Average. 105 g.
VNSE-6 601MHC (1, 83 m) Heavy 10-25 lb Average. 118 g.
VNSE-661MHC 6’6´ (1, six) Heavy 10-25 lb Average. 131 g.

Let’s go now to the stick Venator, with lighter models.

This model brings all the features of the previous model, but with some particularities, your Reel Seat, Fuji model is SK-II Skeleton, which leaves the reel Seat is lighter, and the fisherman’s hand always in contact with the blank, increasing the sensitivity, with Quick power

Your dowels are Fuji model KR Tangle Free micro Guides, which leaves the stick, faster, lighter, and with greater precision, and tip anti-enrosco, moreover, this stick is manufactured in special measures for fishing light, of 6-12 lbs, that is, perfect for small Peacock bass fishing, bass, traíras, etc.