Wilmersdorfer Lake chain!

As You May Know, I live in Berlin-Charlottenburg, and since there are a few small but really nice lakes in the middle of Wilmersdorf, I let me know how you can get a fishing permit. For €75 get there a year card, but you have only the permission of the Bank thus fishing. As are the lakes in large part of private land, there are only a few suitable spots along the shore. For €180 in the year can in the angling Club of Wilmersdorf becoming a member and the Club’s boats, because the Club has placed at least a boot on each Lake.  As I have often mentioned, I anyway much rather fish from the boat and so I joined just in time to the end of the closed season in late April. The Wilmersdorfer Lake chain is located on the edge of the Grunewald in mostly built-up area. It consists of the natural lakes Halensee and dog throat Lake and the Diana Lake resulting from raised bogs, Hubertus Lake, herthasee Lake Königssee. The artificial lakes are connected to each other, are all about 3 meters deep and have mainly cloudy waters, the dog throat Lake is up to 7 metres deep and the water is quite clear, you can see up to 3 meters deep. The Halensee is rather murky and maximum 10 metres water depth.

Basically I was looking for a near waters primarily to Besides my time-intensive job even during the week to have the opportunity, my favorite thing to do. With the fishing in the car I can drive to the Office in the morning and after work directly on the water to relax a bit with birdsong and sunset, that was my plan. As thought it was :-)) not yet quite so quiet

It was much better! These six Lakes have turns out to be true gems! I tested after every Lake and the mid-term review is really outstanding, I think: in six trips from every 3-4 hours I started 32 Pike and 5 perches, 2 Pikes were larger than 80 cm and three larger than 70 cm. The biggest perch was 41 cm long. There are also many Pike in the Lakes according to the members of the Association, I also believe that I have several times had pikeperch bites, I started here though still none – according to the closed season I’m Zander also deliberately go and then of course report. Perhaps I should expand my name then also, because with Pike and perch it runs like in the clockwork;). Even if I am interested in primarily for predators, I should mention that the Lakes for coarse anglers give plenty, so there are, for example, abundant carp and tench.

What Lake is the best predator fishing, I can’t say for the short time I have started well on all six.  By fallen trees, water lilies and reeds, they offer all many perfect predator points.

However I can tell something about the most successful bait. Lake clear dog throat natural colors (wasabi and whisky from favorite bait) were the most suitable, in the murky Lakes I had rage “Snax” in Firetiger color the most success with pinky favorite bait and Fox.

All in all was a super decision of admission to the Club! I may also still like to go to the Havel or do a day trip to Lake Müritz or on the Baltic Sea, but the Wilmersdorfer Lake chain is for me like the last mosaic piece in my everyday life. The prospect of a few Northern Pike in the twilight is pleasant the day at the Office me a lot! It’s really unbelievable that such a haven of peace and nature can be experienced in the middle of Berlin. I had the good fortune to join the Club, just before the offspring of ducks, swans, grebes and coots is hatched.  Now I can watch you grow up, they look all safe and sound. Also, I wanted to mention that all Club members I have met so far have been very friendly and helpful.

Where you fish it enjoys and until the next time, I hope you all appreciate the roles.